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Interested in a Lifetime Mortgage but worried about inheritance? Read this blog

Are you over 55 and a homeowner who is looking to top-up their pension income? Maybe you need some cash so that you can pack your bags and take the sunny holiday you have been dreaming about, or perhaps you are looking to redecorate and make some home improvements.

A lifetime mortgage is becoming an increasingly popular option for individuals within your age demographic who have similar aspirations for their retirement.

Grandad thinking about inheritance as he spends time with his grandchild

So, how exactly does a Lifetime Mortgage work?

A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home. You will retain full ownership of your home and the loan plus the roll up of interest will only need to be repaid when you pass away or enter long-term care.

A major sticking point for many people considering a lifetime mortgage is the thought of not being able to leave any inheritance for your loved ones. However, this isn’t always the case. Many lifetime mortgage products give you the option of choosing an Inheritance Protection Guarantee.

What is an Inheritance Protection Guarantee?

Opting for a lifetime mortgage with an inheritance protection guarantee means that you are able to protect part of the value of your home so that you can leave this behind for your loved ones. Many people choose this option if they would like to gift money to one person and protect the same amount for other friends or relatives, or if they think they would like to apply for additional borrowing at a later stage.

For example, if you have £50,000 available to release from your property, but want to ensure that your grandchildren have an inheritance, you could opt to take £30,000 and leave 40% of your home’s future value protected.

This will be given to your loved ones after you pass away and when the house is sold, irrespective of how much is outstanding on the loan.

The amount protected will still be covered by the No Negative Equity guarantee.

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Are there any drawbacks?

Choosing an inheritance protection guarantee will reduce the amount you’ll be able to borrow, so it will depend on how much cash you want to release from your property. Also, it’s important to consider that if you do choose to release additional funds from your property in the future, this will reduce the amount of inheritance you can guarantee.

If your house decreases in value, the amount of inheritance protected will also decrease.

In some cases, selecting inheritance protection can increase the interest rate on your lifetime mortgage.

How can North East Equity Release help?

Our advisors can tailor your lifetime mortgage to ensure that it is suitable for your current and future wants and needs. We encourage family members and beneficiaries to be present for all meetings to ensure that the future of everyone involved is carefully considered.

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Call us on 0191 695 9493 for FREE advice on lifetime mortgages.