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What is the process for releasing equity in my home?

If you are considering a lifetime mortgage, you are probably looking for a skilled Equity Release Adviser that you can rely on to help you navigate the process.

Well, with that in mind… you should look no further than North East Equity Release. releasing equity 

As a highly-experienced local mortgage brokerage that specialises in equity release loans for homeowners over the age of 50, we have whole-of-market access to lenders and products to provide you with totally independent and professional bespoke advice on financial products that are best suited to your circumstances.

Having worked in the financial sector for over 30 years with a lifelong passion for helping individuals manage their finances, our qualified Equity Release Adviser Joanne is always happy to help her customers find the best loans available to them from a position of genuine care, honesty, and expertise.

Our Process

If you do decide to seek advice from North East Equity Release, the first step will be an informal chat usually by telephone with Joanne to allow her to learn more about your situation and your personal circumstances and provide you with an overview of how equity release works.

Once Joanne has a clear understanding of what you are looking for, she will begin to look for loans that are specifically suited to your individual circumstances

Joanne will then arrange a meeting to guide you through all the options that are available to you in a clear and concise manner, taking as much time as is needed to help you have a clear understanding of the equity release product you are applying for.   

Depending on your preferences, this meeting can be held by either phone call, zoom, or in person. Family members are always welcome to be present at any appointment, which can be held at our office in Cramlington or in the comfort of your own home if that is what you would prefer. 

Joanne will provide expert guidance and always a first-rate service as she searches for the best financial product tailored just for you. Once options have been explored and you feel ready to proceed, Joanne will complete your paperwork to enable you to release equity in your home. 

As a proud member of the Equity Release Council, which sets high standards and safeguards to protect homeowners, we ensure our services comply with their rules and regulations and offer high standards of conduct and practice in the equity release process. 

All products we recommend have  ‘no negative equity’ guarantee, meaning that your estate will never owe more than the true market value of the property when it is sold. 


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If you would like help from a professional, qualified Equity Release Adviser, you can book a meeting with Joanne here. releasing equity