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How much does equity release cost?

16th May 2024

How Much Does Equity Release Cost? Equity release can be a valuable option for homeowners looking to access the wealth…

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How to find an equity release advisor

26th April 2024

Are you ready to embrace financial freedom in your golden years? If you’re considering unlocking the value tied up in your home through equity release, but not sure where to start …. you’ve come to the right place!

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Can Equity Release Be Paid Back Early?

22nd April 2024

Equity release can be an invaluable tool later in life to aid with any expenses or lifestyle requirements you may…

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When Can I Release Equity From My Home?

22nd April 2024

A lifetime mortgage is a way to release equity from your home later in life to help pay for any…

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What is a Mandatory Payment Lifetime Mortgage?

15th April 2024

A Lifetime Mortgage is a form of equity release which allows you to release some of the value tied up…

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Buying a New Home With Equity Release

5th April 2024

Buying the Retirement Home of Your Dreams: Equity Release in Newcastle Retirement can present a lot of questions when it…

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Repay an Interest Only Mortgage

27th March 2024

Repaying Your Interest Only Mortgage: Equity Release  Interest Only Mortgages come with a range of advantages that are attractive to…

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Expert insights into later life mortgages

3rd November 2023

While entering the golden years of life, many individuals are often confronted with the realisation that their pension provisions are…

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Will I be supported after taking out a Lifetime Mortgage?

18th September 2023

Equity Release is a big financial decision and can have a financial impact on the consumer and their family so…

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Have you completed our quiz?

31st August 2023

Do you dream of spending your golden years travelling the world and engaging in all your favourite activities, but are…

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What is the process for releasing equity in my home?

8th August 2023

If you are considering a lifetime mortgage, you are probably looking for a skilled Equity Release Adviser that you can…

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The importance of face-to-face solicitors in the Equity Release process

21st July 2023

Equity release is a complex financial decision that requires a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s circumstances and future aspirations. Today…

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Meet Joanne, your personal Equity Release Adviser

19th July 2023

When it comes to Equity Release, it is essential that you find an experienced and knowledgeable professional that you can…

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Will Equity Release affect my state pension?

4th July 2023

One of the major concerns people often have when considering equity release is how it might impact their state pension.…

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Here’s what Martin Lewis thinks about Equity Release

24th May 2023

When it comes to managing your finances, Martin Lewis is a bedrock of sound advice. But what does the Money…

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The importance of including your family in your Equity Release journey

19th May 2023

Equity release is a huge decision that can directly affect your family. Therefore, involving your loved ones in the process…

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Can I move home with an Equity Release Mortgage?

12th April 2023

This is a very common question asked by homeowners who are considering a Lifetime Mortgage product, and it is an…

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How much can I borrow with Equity Release?

12th April 2023

If you are thinking about releasing equity from your home, you may be wondering just how much you can borrow…

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What are Equity Release Early Repayment Charges (ERC)?

16th February 2023

Are you interested in an equity release Lifetime Mortgage but concerned about potential penalties? It is important to consider that…

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Is Equity Release a bad idea?

6th February 2023

If you have landed on this blog post, then we presume you are on the hunt for valuable information about…

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Is now the right time to get a Lifetime Mortgage?

3rd January 2023

If you’re in two minds about whether to free up some of the wealth attached to your home, it’s important…

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Can I arrange an Equity Release Mortgage without an adviser?

16th December 2022

Can I arrange an equity release mortgage without an adviser? So, you’ve conducted internet research, decided equity release is the…

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Are Lifetime Mortgages safe?

2nd December 2022

“Are lifetime mortgages safe?” This is a common question among customers seeking advice on how to manage their later-life finances.…

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Is it wise to get a Lifetime Mortgage to cope with the rising cost of living?

14th November 2022

Did you know that a fifth of equity release plans that are taken out are to cover the day-to-day cost…

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Equity Release & Lifetime Mortgage FAQs

28th October 2022

A lifetime mortgage is a big financial decision for people over the age of 55, and there are a plethora…

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What is a Lifetime Mortgage drawdown facility?

21st October 2022

There are lots of different options when it comes to lifetime mortgage products, with many lenders offering plans with a…

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Why choose a local Equity Release adviser? Find out here.

30th September 2022

There are many reasons to use a local Equity Release Adviser, but don’t just take our word for it, see…

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Can I repay a standard mortgage with Equity Release?

24th September 2022

Standard mortgage repayments can become a source of stress for many older people during their retirement or those hoping to…

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Later Life Conference – Continued Professional Development

7th September 2022

As the later-life mortgage market continues to grow and evolve, it is important that I keep up to date with…

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New flexible Lifetime Mortgages on the market

7th September 2022

The Equity Release Market is constantly evolving. Providers of equity release products are continually innovating to create flexible lifetime mortgages…

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What exactly is Equity Release?

22nd July 2022

For older homeowners in need of a financial boost, Equity Release could provide the perfect solution to cash flow problems.…

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What are the costs involved with an Equity Release/Lifetime Mortgage?

4th July 2022

Have you ever considered releasing the equity in your home? It’s a great way to free up extra cash while…

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Why you should use a local financial adviser

30th June 2022

When it comes to making important financial decisions, there’s no substitute for the expertise of a financial adviser. However, approaching…

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Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone

7th April 2022

If you’re considering a Lifetime Mortgage as an option to help support you financially during your retirement, it is likely…

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Interested in a Lifetime Mortgage but worried about inheritance? Read this blog

28th February 2022

Are you over 55 and a homeowner who is looking to top-up their pension income? Maybe you need some cash…

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Are you running the risk of outliving your savings and pension? Boost your retirement income with a Lifetime Mortgage

16th December 2021

With many UK homeowners retiring early and living longer, retirement is no longer the end stage, it is actually the…

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4 common Equity Release myths – busted!

18th October 2021

At North East Equity Release, we know there is some confusion around modern equity release products, so we’re here to…

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‘There’s no place like home’ – how Equity Release can help you access long-term care at home

15th September 2020

With increasing life expectancy and later life borrowing, many people in the UK are considering more options when it comes to aging gracefully – and comfortably – in their family home.

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